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City of Cape Town Integrated Transport Plan Workshop

Oct 02 2012

Representatives of QAWC attended the Integrated Transport Plan workshop held by the City of Cape Town at the City Hall. The workshop started with representatives of The City reminding everyone present out what the Integrated Transport Plan consisted of and what the vision was for public transport in the City of Cape Town.

There was good representation from the disability sector, with representatives from the Western Cape Network on Disability as well as DPSA ensuring that the voice of the citizens with disabilities in Cape Town was heard. Transport remains one of the major issues facing people with disabilities and it is imperative that the disability sector plays an active role in all planning with regards to transport within The City of Cape Town.

There were several breakaway groups with various aspects of the transport plan were broken down and workshops. The various representatives from the disability sector spread themselves around to ensure that each group had at least one representative from the sector present to raise concerns of issues regarding the plan which affect people with disabilities.

The workshop proved was relatively worthwhile but it is clear that there is still a lot of debate and consultation needed before The City will have old information required to ensure that an effective and efficient integrated transport system can operate in Cape Town. October is Transport Month and there are other factions and workshops planned for this period, QAWC will continue to represent the interests of our members at these various events.