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Disability Sensitisation Training with Tsogo Sun

May 03 2012 

Disability Sensitisation Training with Tsogo Sun

Last year saw QAWC conduct very successful disability sensitisation training with employees of the Southern Sun group of hotels.  The training was very well received and the group decided to roll the training out to all of their employees.  In the meantime Southern Sun has undergone a name change and is now known as Tsogo Sun.

The disability sensitisation training will take part of the employment squity training that Tsogo Sun we’ll be doing with all of their employees.  The QAWC presentation highlights the challenges and realities of living with all disabilities, including a vision impairment, hearing impairments, speech difficulty, being short of stature and having a mobility impairment amongst others.

During this training delegates are taught the correct way to assist a person with a visual impairment, negotiate a few obstacles while using a wheelchair, the frustration of having a speech impediment as well as a basic introduction to sign language.

This training session was once again very successful and QAWC looks forward to changing their views and perceptions of Tsogo Sun employees about people with disabilities.