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News Archive 2010

Feb 01 2010 

QAWC were handed the keys to their new property which is situated in Durbanville at 5 New Haven Street.  This property was recently purchased by QASA with funds from the Quad Squad campaign, the annual fundraising campaign which is held in partnership with Pick ‘n Pay.

This property is a long-term project and forms part of our sustainability plan.  Over the last few years QAWC has outgrown our little office at House Olivier and we plan to move the QAWC office to the new premises as soon as possible.  In addition to the QAWC office, the property will also be home to a digital village where people living with disabilities will be given the opportunity to become computer literate and developed their skills through computer classes.
A long-term vision for the property is to develop an income generating project in the form of a bed and breakfast.  The property has a lovely garden and lends itself towards being developed for this purpose.  The idea of this development would be to ensure the sustainability of QAWC.
QAWC believes that the new premises will allow our organisation to continue to develop and ultimately to thrive.  We look forward to spending many happy years in our new office offering services that improve the lives our members.