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News Archive 2012

Oct 05 2012

Greenlight Cycle Challenge

The launch of Old Mutual’s newest disability related product took place by means of The Greenlight Cycle Challenge. The event, which took place at Cavendish Square also served as an disability awareness raising and fundraising for the QuadPara Association of South Africa as well as the SAB Boucher Foundation.

The event saw Mark Boucher cycling for two hours in order to raise funds for the nominated organizations.

Oct 02 2012

City of Cape Town Integrated Transport Plan Workshop

Representatives of QAWC attended the Integrated Transport Plan workshop held by the City of Cape Town at the City Hall. The workshop started with representatives of The City reminding everyone present out what the Integrated Transport Plan consisted of and what the vision was for public transport in the City of Cape Town.

Sep 27 2012

Raising Awareness at De Grendal School

The Quadpara Association of the Western Cape were asked to send a representative to address the learners of De Grendal Primary School. This proved to be a wonderful opportunity for QAWC to raise awareness about the needs of wheelchair users as well as the unique ability and skills that people with disabilities actually have.

Sep 24 2012

Sahara Park Newlands Cricket Tickets

QAWC has once again received tickets for the domestic cricket season. This year’s champions league is taking place in South Africa with Cape Town being one of the host cities. As we have only just received confirmation that we will be receiving these tickets we are going to be allocating tickets on a first-come first-served basis. Should you want to attend any of these matches, please contact the QAWC office as soon as possible.

Sep 12 2012

Union of Jewish Woman

QAWC were invited to address the adult education group of the Union of Jewish Woman at their premises in Sea Point. The group which was made up of approximately 20 ladies were told about the reality of living with a disability. The numerous challenges which are faced by someone using a wheelchair on a daily basis were highlighted as were some of the success stories.

Aug 21 2012

Bush Radio

Our project manager, Anthony Ghillino, was interviewed on Bush Radio earlier today. Anthony was asked to highlight some of the problems which are still facing people with disabilities today. Anthony highlighted issues such as the lack of a fully integrated public transport system, the lack of specialized affordable housing as well as the continued difficulty of being reintegrated and accepted into the community which is faced by people with disabilities. Some time was also spent looking forward to the Paralympics with everyone wishing our athletes the very best for the upcoming games.

Aug 17 2012

QAWC Driver Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Adam Sampson, known to most as Boeta, passed away earlier today. Adam, who was the QAWC driver, died unexpectedly on Friday afternoon. Adam was extremely popular with QAWC members and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Aug 12 2012

Bidvest Unity Walk

Employees of the various companies that make up the Bidvest Group took part in a 10 km walk in order to raise funds for QASA to enable QASA to purchase wheelchairs for members in need. The walk was held simultaneously at venues in Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town, with the Cape Town walk taking place at Sahara Park Newlands. This was a walk for a cause, with Bidvest donating a wheelchair for every 75 employees who took part.

Jul 28 2012

The Annual General Meeting of the QuadPara Association of the Western Cape was held at tthe QAWC office at 5 New Haven Street Durbanville. The AGM was attended by approximately 40 QAWC members as well as other interested parties. The chairperson, Richard Barron, presented his chairman’s report and the CEO of QASA, Mr. Ari Seirlis addressed the members present.

As it was an election year the process of electing a committee took place. Richard Barron was reelected to the position of chairperson, with the rest of the committee to be finalized at the first management meeting which will take place in August. After the meeting members enjoyed snacks and the opportunity to network and catch up with old friends. We wish the new committee everything at the best.

Jul 18 2012

Celebrating Mandela Day

The local community and businesses were encouraged to answer former presidents Nelson Mandela’s call for all South Africans to spend 67 minutes doing community service by coming along to our new premises and assisting us to get our garden started. We were delighted that a number of people and organisations arrived to offer their time to our organisation.

We received tremendous support from 2 companies in particular, namely Green office & Investec and thanks to them our garden is starting to take shape. Employees of these 2 organisations got their hands dirty while the QAWC representatives who were present chatted to and encouraged all of those who were present. Our sincere thanks to all who were involved, we look forward to our garden thriving and becoming a feature of our new development.

Jun 21 2012

Job Magnet Program

QAWC has the opportunity to send for members on a three-day “Job Magnet” workshop. This workshop will equip members who are trying to find employment with the skills necessary to be successful in their quest to find a job. The workshop will take members on a journey of self-discovery and will teach them as much about themselves as about how to succeed in an interview situation. This is an exciting opportunity and all interested are encouraged to send their CV’s to the QAWC office by Friday, June 22.

Jun 18 2012

QAWC Digital Village opens its doors

Today was an extremely exciting day in the history of QAWC as our Digital Village opened its doors and started offering free computer classes to people living with disabilities. The much awaited opening was met with anticipation by all at QAWC but in particular by Faizel the lecturer and Lize our administrator. They have been preparing for the 1st intake for a number of months and were delighted to finally be able to give people with disabilities skills which will enable them to enter the formal job market.

The classes are being held at our newly renovated property which is situated in Durbanville. The DV has the capacity to accommodate 6 learners at a time with the course running for the period of the week. The course introduces learners to Microsoft Word, teaches them how to send and receive e-mails, surf the Internet, behave in an interview and also assists each learner in drawing up a CV.

The QAWC team is very proud of the Digital Village and we look forward to educating people with disabilities at the Digital Village on a weekly basis. If you are interested in attending the free computer training or know of a person with a disability who would be interested please contact Lize on 0219764078. We look forward to welcoming you to our digital village soon.

Jun 13 2012

Western Cape Network on Disability General Meeting

The Western Cape Network on disability held their general meeting at the National Institute of the Deaf (NID) in Worcester. This meeting was attended by approximately 50 people from various member organisations of The Network. As always a very interesting program of speakers had been arranged including a representative from the Winelands District Municipality and members from the IEC who explained the voting process for people living with disabilities. The meeting was extremely informative and the QAWC representative left with a better understanding of how things are supposed to work for people with disabilities during an election.

After the formal presentations the representatives of the various member organisations were able to take the opportunity to network, share information and ideas. This is always a very valuable aspect of attending meetings of the Western Cape Network on Disability. The premises and programs that the NID offer were also very impressive and it was terrific to witness firsthand the great work that another NPO is doing in the community.

Jun 04 2012

QAWC Vacancy

QAWC has a position available in our soon to be opened Digital Village. The position is that of administrator and duties will include basic record-keeping, Administration of the Digital Village, recruiting of learners and controlling the petty cash. If you would like more information about the position please contact Esme in the QAWC office.

May 30 2012

Helicopter Flight

After days of waiting for the weather to clear 9 lucky QAWC members made their way to the east pier of Cape Town harbour to Cape Town Helicopters he would be taking our excited members for a helicopter flight over the city.

May 28 2012

Department Of Health Workshop

The QAWC project manager represents the QAWC members on the facility board of the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre (WCRC). The role of the facility board is to ensure that members of the community receive a suitable standard of care.

The newly renovated Worcester Hospital hosted a training session for facilities board members from all the hospitals in the Western Cape. The Western Cpe MEC for health was present and reminded the facility board members of their role and responsibilities.

Facilities board members were also told what the Western Cape Department of Health’s vision for health care in the province is. There are many exciting developments in the pipeline all of which are designed to improve the experience of residents in the Western Cape who visit healthcare facilities. Should you experience any issues at either the WCRC or your local community clinic please do not hesitate to contact Anthony, the project manager so that he can take the necessary steps.

May 25 2012

Wheelchair Handover

The QuadPara Association of South Africa were approached for assistance by Pick ‘n Pay who received a request for a wheelchair from the manager of their Tygervalley branch. François Paulse is a young man who has a mobility impairment and requires a wheelchair to be mobile. Both François’s parents work at the Tygervalley Pick n Pay and François himself is a regular visitor to the store.

Francois existing Wheelchair was no longer suitable and could not see to his mobility requirements so his parents appealed to their employers for assistance. Pick n Pay were eager to assist and they in turn contacted QASA for advice and assistance. QASA and become a decided to join forces and share the costs of purchasing a new wheelchair for François.

CE Mobility were approached and given the task of seating François correctly and finding a suitable, comfortable wheelchair for him. With the chair ready and small function was organised at the Tygervalley Pick n Pay where the wheelchair was handed over to a very happy Francois. Francois happiness was very evident with his big smile and indicating that he was happy and looking forward to many miles in his new chair.

May 11 2012

Meeting friends in Bishop Lewis

QAWC visited a group of wheelchair users who met on a weekly basis at the Bishop Lavis Community Centre. QAWC 1st got to know the members of this group 7 years ago and over time have shared ups and downs with members of the group. Over the last while a few new individuals have joined the group so QAWC went along to make acquaintance with the these individuals.

The existing members of the group were reminded about the services which QAWC offers with new members of the group learning about the benefits of belonging to QAWC for the 1st time. The group expressed in the challenges which face them on a daily basis the greatest of which remains a lack of an accessible public transport system. QAWC has enjoyed interacting with this group over the years and looks forward to strengthening this relationship.

May 09 2012

Flying with Aviation Junction

The QuadPara Association of the Western Cape has recently developed a relationship with a company called Aviation Junction. Some of their staff took part in a sponsored cycle in order to generate income to take members of QAWC up in a helicopter. The sponsored cycle generated enough money to pay for 10 of our members to go up in a helicopter. Aviation Junction have indicated that they would like to see these trips take place before the end of the month and I therefore am asking for members who are interested to contact the QAWC office either by e-mail or on the telephone in order to express interest.

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May 03 2012

Disability Sensitisation Training with Tsogo Sun

Last year saw QAWC conduct very successful disability sensitisation training with employees of the Southern Sun group of hotels. The training was very well received and the group decided to roll the training out to all of their employees. In the meantime Southern Sun has undergone a name change and is now known as Tsogo Sun.

Apr 25 2012

Celebrating with the Property Foundation

The Property Foundation, a non-profit organisation who assist other non-profit organisations with infrastructure development, held a function to celebrate their achievements and encourage players in the property industry to become involved in their organisation. The Property Foundation has been working with QAWC to assist to develop our property at 5 New Haven Street Durbanville.

The evening was a celebration of the achievements of The Property Foundation, with emphasis being placed on the numerous successes of the organisation. It was an extremely enjoyable evening with a lot of networking and sharing of stories taking place.

Apr 18 2012

Employment Equity with Leisure Hotels

The project manager of QAWC met with the general managers of the hotels in the Leisure Group. The purpose of this meeting was to encourage them to give employment opportunities to people living with disabilities. The abilities that people with disabilities have was emphasised and the managers were encouraged to look beyond the disability of individuals applying for positions.

The meeting proved to be very successful and it was agreed that QAWC would assist the group to sell suitable candidates for any positions which became available at their hotels as well as to offer the new employee and sensitise the future colleagues of the dindividual with a disability as to their needs. QAWC also expressed their desire to conduct disability sensitisation training with of the group.

The meeting was very fruitful and we look forward to working together in order to find meaningful long-term gainful employment for people living with disabilities.

Apr 11 2012

Buckle Up!

A number of QAWC members gave up their precious Easter weekend in order to make the general public using the roads in South Africa more aware of road safety. QAWC members were deployed to the Winelands Engen where they were given the task of making the public aware of the dangers of not wearing seat belts.

Our members made the public sign a pledge form stating that they would be ” Buckle up” and be more aware of road safety over the Easter period. This annual campaign has been extremely successful and gives members of the QuadPara Association the opportunity to give something back to the public by making them behave more responsibly on the roads.

Apr 03 2012

QAWC Digital Village Nears Completion

The renovations to complete the QAWC Digital Village are nearly complete and it is just a matter of time before QAWC is able to offer free computer courses to people living with disabilities. The course content will include an introduction to the Microsoft package will be offered free of charge to any individual living with a disability.

Digital Village learners will also be helped to draw up a CV as well as receive job readiness training. People who take part in this training will be given skills which will enable them to enter the job market and find meaningful employment. Please contact Lize in the QAWC office to express your interest and put your name on the waiting list as it nears Completion

Mar 22 2012

Easter Road Safety Campaign

The QuadPara Association of Southern Africa and QAWC are committed to improving safety on our roads and creating awareness about how road accidents occur and the consequences of these accidents. This Easter will see a resumption of our road safety campaign. The campaign, which has the slogan “Buckle up-We Don’t Want to New Members” has proved to be extremely successful over the years and operates by deploying wheelchair users at petrol stations around the province.

The wheelchair users who participate encourage members of the public to sign a pledge form stating that they will be more aware of road safety over the Easter weekend. Motorists are urged to “Buckle up” and drive with even more caution than normal as high volumes of traffic are always experienced over this period.

This campaign employs wheelchair users with these participants in turn been instructed not to take any donations from the public. The QuadPara Association makes use of this opportunity to thank the public for their support over the years and takes the chance to give something back to the public. Members of QAWC will be deployed on the 5th, 6th & 8th of April. If anyone reading this is interested in taking part in this initiative please contact Esme in the QAWC office.

Mar 15 2012

Capacity Building with the Department of Social Development

On the 13th and 14th of March representatives from QAWC as well as representatives from 2 of our self help centres attended a capacity building and governance workshop at the Belville office of the Department of Social Development. This workshop was attended by representatives from various non-profit organisations from various sectors and was not exclusively for organisations which serve people living with disabilities.

Representatives were given the opportunity to voice their concerns about aspects of the relationship that they have with the Department of Social Development, while the department took the opportunity to highlight the expectations that they in turn have of their service providers. There was a lot of information shared and one hopes that this will be used to improve the service which is offered to some of the most vulnerable people in our country.

Time was also taken to discuss the various legalities required of a non-profit organisation and delegates were taken through the process of setting up and registering a non-profit organisation. On the whole the 2 days were very informative and the QAWC representatives left with a better understanding of how to ensure that good governance takes place.

Mar 12 2012

Pedal Power!

Two employees from Aviation Junction took part in Sunday’s Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour in order to raise funds to take people with physical disabilities up in a helicopter for the ride of a lifetime. Sponsorship was arranged on a per kilometre completed basis with our friends from Aviation Junction both completing the entire 110 km of the route.

This year’s race took place in extremely hot conditions with temperatures climbing into the early 40s. In fact, the temperature at the top of Chapman’s Peak was recorded at a whopping 42°! Cycling 110 km in perfect weather conditions is difficult enough but in extreme heat it is even more challenging and makes this wonderful gesture even more appreciated.

The helicopter flights will take place in both Johannesburg & Cape Town on dates which are yet to be confirmed. QAWC will be assisting with the logistical arrangements in Cape Town and we look forward to being able to witness some of our members going on the flight of a lifetime.

Mar 07 2012

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

The QuadPara Association were invited to attend a tea which was held at the Silver Leaf restaurant in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to celebrate the considerable achievements of the BreadTags for Wheelchairs Campaign. Lize Kannemeyer & Anthony Ghillino went along to witness the event and to show support to the volunteers who make this project such a resounding success. The project which has now donated over 200 wheelchairs to people with mobility impairments runs in partnership with the Polystyrene Packaging Council.
There are numerous volunteers around the countryside who coordinate the collection of the small polystyrene breadtags which are used to seal the packets containing loafs of bread. The process is however driven by Mary Honeybun who has literally collected millions BreadTags. Mary’s house is used as a base with many thousands of BreadTags being delivered to Mary’s house. Once delivered Mary sorts through the BreadTags and then rinses them before repackaging them and sending them off to be recycled. This initiative is a successful example of how a large group of people making a relatively small contribution working together to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

There are a number of collection points for the BreadTags and you can also contact us should you wish to find out where to take the tags to. There are various schools, churches and individuals who collect these BreadTags from their own communities before passing them on to Mary who then sends them to be recycled. The QuadPara Association of South Africa will be getting more involved with this project in the near future and looks forward to working together with members of our community to provide much-needed wheelchairs to our members while recycling and looking after our beautiful planet at the same time. Congratulations to Mary and her team, you thoroughly deserve all the plaudits that you get.

Mar 02 2012

Western province Cricket Association comes in to bat for QAWC

The Western Province Cricket Association has had a long relationship with the QuadPara Association of the Western Cape and as their charity of choice, have given them a suite at Sahara Park Newlands for the past few years.

The QuadPara Association of the Western Cape is in dire need of funds thus the WPCA supports and endorses their sms campaign.

Feb 28 2012

Training with Southern Sun

Last year QAWC presented several disability sensitisation workshop to the staff of Southern Sun Hotels. These workshops were very well received by the staff who attended and the Southern Sun powers that be have decided to present more of these workshops in the near future.

A pilot workshop will take place sometime during April and will form part of Southern Sun’s equity training. Everyone at QAWC is very pleased to be involved in a project of this nature and look forward to training staff to ensure that people with disabilities who stay at Southern Sun hotels are met by staff who have an understanding of the needs of people living with disabilities