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Projects and Services

The QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) have launched the Work Readiness Programme which is being facilitated at QAWC in Durbanville, to bridge the gap to employment for our Members who are Quadriplegics and Paraplegics.

Driving Ambitions is a QASA project which provides an opportunity for people with physical disabilities who have the ability and agility to drive the opportunity to undertake driving lessons in a specially adapted vehicle, with the objective of achieving their license.

There are three self-help centres affiliated to the QAWC.

QAWC has developed a training program which gives the delegates the skills and knowledge required to interact and deal with people with disabilities with confidence.

The VoQoL Project provides a life-changing improvement in the independence and quality-of-life for people with physical disabilities through use of voice-activated technology.

QAWC is constantly raising awareness about people with disabilities and trying to prevent the injuries from occurring.

QAWC aims to assist and support our members in whatever way possible.

After various meetings and negotiations our application was successful and QAWC now has the use of Suite 511 at PPC Newlands.

QAWC has a Toyota Quantam which has been specially fitted with a rear entry wheelchair hoist.