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Assistance to Members

QAWC aims to assist and support our members in whatever way possible. We regularly receiveAssisting Members second-hand computers which we upgrade and service and then distribute to members. Additionally, QAWC often receives donations of wheelchairs which are distributed to members around the province. We have also identified that a number of our members do not receive enough medical supplies from their day hospitals. With this in mind we have a supply of medical supplies which we are able to distribute to our members when they experience these shortages. For most of our members their only source of income is their disability grant which is insufficient to see to all their needs.

The QAWC office receives telephone calls on a daily basis from members who require all sorts of assistance and information. The QAWC staff help where they can by offering advice and distributing information. Where necessary QAWC will stand up for and fight for the rights of our members who have experienced injustices.

You can apply for assistance from our Wheelchair Fund by downloading our "Wheelchair Fund Application Form" or apply for assistance from our Assistance Devices Fund by downloading our "Assistance Devices Application Form"