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Disability Sensitization Training

  • Disability Sensitization Workshops

With more opportunities to develop skills and improve themselves than ever before, we have found that an increasing number of people with disabilities are playing full and active roles in their communities. People with disabilities have become a common sight taking part in everyday activities and going about their daily business.

Unfortunately there is still a huge amount of incorrect information and ignorance amongst the general public when it comes to people with disabilities. Sadly various stigmas still exist and many people in our communities have no idea how to interact or communicate with a person who has a disability. The result of this is that people with disabilities continue to face discrimination because of their disability on a daily basis.Ddisability Sensitization Training

QAWC has developed a training program which gives the delegates the skills and knowledge required to interact and deal with people with disabilities with confidence. The training covers all the major disabilities, including, People who are blind, people who are deaf, wheelchair users, people who are short of stature, people with psychiatric disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities and more.

The training defines and describes disability, takes a look at many of the myths which are associated with disabilities, gives delegates some do’s and don’ts when dealing with people with disabilities, teaches delegates the correct way to speak and interact with people with disabilities, touches on the language of disability and much more. Delegates leave the training knowing that their newly acquired knowledge will enable them to interact and associate with people disabilities with confidence.

This training has proven to be extremely popular with members of staff of the various organizations who have attended. Each session, which is interactive, is facilitated by a person with a disability which increases the impact that the training has on each delegate. Each delegates receives an easy to read booklet containing information for them to refer to in the future. A number of corporates have included this Disability Sensitization Training as part of their BEE and Employment Equity/Diversity training.

For more information regarding this training please contact our General Manager, Anthony Ghillino in the QAWC office on 021 975 6078.