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Newlands Cricket Ground

A number of our members are very keen cricket fans. The facilities at Newlands Cricket Ground for wheelchair users were far from ideal and with this in mindWatching Cricket at Newlands QAWC approached the Western Province Cricket Association and asked that we be given the use of the suite for our members as well as people with other disabilities. After various meetings and negotiations our application was successful and QAWC now has the use of Suite P317 at Newlands Cricket Ground.

At the start of each season we send out a fixture list to all of our members. This list contains the dates of the season’s matches as well as a date on which members must phone in to request tickets. We receive tickets for all domestic and international matches. Preference for international matches is given to members who have attended domestic matches Watching Cricket at Newlands outside our suite during the season. We receive a limited amount of tickets so in the event of a match being oversubscribed each applicant’s name goes into a hat and a lucky draw takes place.

Successful applicants receive two tickets, one for themselves and one for a helper/friend. As demand for these tickets is high, should a member fail to use these tickets without a valid medical excuse that member will not be considered for tickets again for a period of one year. The suite is not catered so members can either bring along their own food and drinks or they can purchase them from the stadium vendors.