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VoQoL Project

VOice activated Quality Of Life (VoQoL) in the Western Cape

The VoQoL project provides a life-changing improvement in the independence and quality-of-life for people with physical disabilities through use of voice-activated technology.

To support us please go to https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/voqol-voice-activated-quality-of-life

The QuadPara Association of the Western Cape (QAWC) in partnership with specialist technology provider, Coral Tech, is running a pilot project at three residential care facilities in the Greater Cape Town area for individuals with physical disabilities - QAWC Self-Help-Centres, Turfhall Cheshire Home and Eric Miles Cheshire Home. Three residents currently utilise the VoQoL voice activated technology to independently accomplish many everyday activities which they have been unable to complete previously. These activities include:

  • Turning room lights on and off (including dimming)
  • Turning on a TV and switching between channels
  • Turning on a radio, heater, fan or other wall charged device
  • Requesting and playing local radio stations
  • Getting general information such as weather and news

“Where my wheelchair is my legs, VoQoL is my hands”

Anthony Ghillino

C4 Quadraplegic, VoQoL Pilot and user

QAWC have been able to complete 51 installations of the VoQoL system to date which is making an impact in the lives of over 100 Member residents users! We are still seeking funding for an additional 32 rooms to improve the quality of life member residents living in supported residential homes in Durbanville, Turfhall and Milnerton. If you would like to support us please visit our Back a Buddy site.

Brenton Swartz Voqol Project

Brenton Swartz, resident of Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre loves the independence the VoQoL system provides him daily.

For more information or to get involved please email admin@qawc.org

Want to know more about the VoQoL system? See the links below for more information about this life changing technology:

ENCA News (25th September 2018) – Programme Manager Lowri Williams speaking about the VoQoL system

Cape Talk (Sarah Jane King – 24th September 2018) – Cliff Court, CEO of Coral Tech and developer of the VoQoL system


eTV News (22nd September 2018) See interview 9 minutes 59 seconds into News.

The Cape Times (Sunday 21st September 2018)

Disabled residents living at three residential facilities in Cape Town have a new level of autonomy thanks to state-of-the-art voice-controlled technology.

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