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Raising Awareness at De Grendal School

Sep 27 2012

 The Quadpara Association of the Western Cape were asked to send a representative to address the learners of De Grendal Primary School. This proved to be a wonderful opportunity for QAWC to raise awareness about the needs of wheelchair users as well as the unique ability and skills that people with disabilities actually have.

The awareness raising talk was done by Raven Benny, a member of the QAWC management and chairperson of the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA). The learners who attended the talk were educated about the various ways in which people injure their spinal cord. The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, diving into rivers, lakes, dams & swimming pools irresponsibly as well as getting involved with gangs were highlighted.

Raven also told learners about the different level of spinal cord injuries and placed emphasis on the fact that with the right attitude a person with a disability is still able to lead a full life and make a contribution to society. The learners thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about people with spinal cord injuries and asked Raven many questions.