Our vision is that all wheelchair users and people with physical disability will live their lives to their full potential. 

A man sits in a wheelchair looking up at  steep stairs in front of him. There are steep ramps and handlebars on either side of the stairs

About Us

QAWC is a non profit organisation (NPO) of Quadriplegics and Paraplegics and offers a number of services to build the capacity of our members and work towards a more inclusive South Africa.


If you are a wheelchair user or person with a physical disability living in the Western Cape you can sign up to be a QAWC Member today and access a range of supports to help you study, find employment, learn to drive, access the community, medical supplies and more.

QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) logo.

We are proudly affiliated with the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA).

All Members of QAWC will automatically become members of QASA, and are eligible to access QASA supports.

Associate Members

If you are not a wheelchair user, you can also access a number of QAWC supports including disability sensitization training, prevention and awareness campaigns, care attendant training, disability access advice, and more.

A man wearing a police uniform stands in front of the QAWC banner and a pop up banner saying Buckle Up! We DON'T want new members. The man holds a white license disc with a green stripe and is smiling.

Prevention and Awareness

Spinal cord injuries can be prevented! We work with schools, corporates and the broader community to spread awareness of disability and how to prevent accidents. Click below to explore.

Several people are standing in a semi circle and putting one foot into the middle of the circle. One man sits in a wheelchair between several other people. Some women wear a nurses uniform.

Training and Advice

QAWC, in collaboration with QASA, provides disability sensitization training, access advice, care attendant training and more to corporates and those supporting people with disability.

A woman is sitting in a car, and leans outward to assist a man standing to fold up her wheelchair. The car is white and has uber written on the side of the passenger door.


QAWC has a number of resources for people with disability, their friends, family and broader support network. To read more about or request your copy, click below.