Self Help Centres

A project of the QuadPara Association has been developing the Self Help house model. A Self Help house is managed, governed and run by the residents who live there and this model empowers individuals with mobility impairments to be in control of their home environment. 

Masonic Home

Uitzicht, 021 979 1490

Masonic Home is pictured. The brick house has green grass out the front and a terracotta roof
Masonic Home in Uizicht

Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre

Durbanville, 021 975 5459

Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre is pictured. The house is white with a terracotta roof with a fence out the front.
Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre


Parow, 021 939 7824

QUASAR house is pictured. The house is white with a grey roof and has three windows and a door.

The residents of the Self Help Centre’s are responsible for all aspects of the running of these homes, including fundraising, employment of trained staff, coordination of shopping and meals, staff training, community engagement and more. Together, the residents of these homes ensure the success and sustainability of the home. 

Each home has a wheelchair accessible van which is used for transportation. 

Whilst the Self Help house model works successfully, it requires a commitment from the residents to manage and sustain the homes. Due to limited funding available, each house depends on various fundraising initiatives to maintain the financial stability of the centre. Each resident brings a unique set of skills to the communal living space, and by working together as a team the residents ensure the smooth running of their home environment. 

Vacancies within the Self Help centres are advertised through each Self Help Centre’s affiliation with QAWC. If you would like to be made aware of vacancies within the Self Help Centre’s contact us today.