Buckle Up! We Don’t Want New Members

A black ford with red detailing is crashed in a ditch. The front bumper is smashed and the right mirror has fallen off.

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injury in South Africa, and the impacts of full or partial paralysis are life changing.

In 2003, QASA established the Road Safety Early Intervention and Prevention Campaign to promote responsible road user behaviour. 

The strives to prevent motor vehicle accidents through two channels: 

  • Buckle Up! We don’t want new members. 
  • Distracted driving 

The ‘Buckle Up! We don’t want new members’ campaign raises awareness of the importance of wearing seatbelts each time you travel in a vehicle in order to reduce injury. The Distracted Driving campaign raises awareness about the implications of driving whilst distracted (including by your mobile phone) and the harmful outcomes which are caused by motor vehicle accidents including spinal cord injury. 

QAWC coordinates these awareness campaigns in the Western Cape and throughout the year has the opportunity to deploy members at taxi ranks, petrol stations, schools and companies to spread these important messages. Members can contact the QAWC office to get involved in upcoming campaigns.

Pictured is a person holding a steering wheel with a seatbelt at the forefront of the photo.

If you are a school, organisation or government department who would like to support our awareness campaign, contact us today for more information about how you can get involved!