Disability Access Advice

“When we design for disability, we all benefit.”

— Elise Roy

Accessibility is the practice of making your environment usable by as many people as possible. People living with disability may have different access requirements (such as not being able to mobilise up stairs), and often these requirements are not taken into account. When these requirements are not taken into account, people living with disability are excluded from these settings and unable to fully participate in the community. 

QAWC is able to offer disability access advice in workplace, educational and recreational settings to assess if the setting can be accessed by wheelchair users and other people with mobility impairments.

In order to provide this support, QAWC will complete an audit of the space to assess the ease of access for wheelchair users and other people with physical disability and provide tailored recommendations of where the accessibility of the space can be improved.

By designing spaces which are accessible, we can promote the equal rights of people with disability leading to a more inclusive and equal South Africa. In addition to this, designing accessible spaces is a good business case to increase the use of the space/service as it becomes available to more people and improves the overall safety of the location.

A wheelchair user sits amongst a crowd of people on a pedestrian crossing. The crowd of people are holding signs protesting. The wheelchair user wears a mask below his chin.

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