Disability Sensitization Training

Two women stand in front of a grey wall. One woman walks forward holding her arm behind her, guiding the second woman who is wearing a blindfold.

As an increasing number of members with mobility impairments seek employment, QAWC have identified the need to prepare employers, colleagues, managers and the workplace for the arrival of a person with a disability. QAWC offers Disability Sensitization Workshops to inform and educate the workforce about the correct etiquette for supporting individuals with disabilities.

Through this training we will challenge your perceptions of persons with disabilities, dispel stereotypes and myths, and assist in creating an environment where everyone is prepared and feels at ease about working with an individual with a disability.

QAWC’s Disability Sensitization Training is unique as we teach you how to support individuals with mobility, speech, visual and hearing impairments, as well as psychosocial disabilities and more. Additionally, the training is facilitated by a person with a disability, who is able to share personal experiences. The training runs between 3 to 3.5 hours.

QAWC has provided this training for a number of groups and companies including Mediclinic, Protea Hotels, Tsogo Sun, HG Travelling Services, Air Liquide, Egars and Matzikama Municipality.

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Two men sit in wheelchairs in front of a projector. The projector screen is displaying a sign of a wheelchair user tied to his wheelchair with rope and reads wheelchair user or person with a mobility impairment NOT wheelchair-bound, in a wheelchair, cripple, handicapped. A woman sits to the right of the two men in front of a desk and computer.
Richard Baron, Anthony Ghillino and Charmaine Schwartz training at Old Mutual