Lifestyle, Sport and Hobbies

We want to get our Members living their lives to the fullest, and empowering involvement in different lifestyle activities such as driving, sport and hobbies is an important way we work to achieve this. Read more about the lifestyle, sport and hobby supports we offer to our membership.

Driving Ambitions

A man sits in a blue car holding the steering wheel with hand controls. The car has two stickers on the reer door which say QuadPara Association South Africa and Driving Ambitions.

Driving Ambitions is a driver training project empowered by QASA available to individuals with physical disability who wish to learn to drive.

Sports Fund

Two men are playing wheelchair basketball. One man has fallen on the floor whilst still in his wheelchair and holds the basketball. The second man has crashed into the man on the floor and is leaning back in his wheelchair.

QAWC are staunch supporters of sports for people with disabilities and it is for this reason that we have a sports fund.

Buckle Up!

Five wheelchair users and eight people are pictured smiling outside of a petrol station. Five people wear fluro orange vests which say Buckle Up We DON'T want new members. There is a banner in the front which reads Buckle up! We DON'T want new members. The QAWC logo and contact details are also written on the banner.

QAWC coordinates awareness campaigns throughout the year has the opportunity to deploy members at taxi ranks, petrol stations, schools and companies to spread these important messages.

Newlands Cricket Grounds Tickets

A young boy wearing a cricket uniform swings a bat in front of three stumps.

Are you a cricket fan? QAWC, in partnership with Newlands Cricket Ground, has the opportunity to invite members to domestic and international cricket games.


One key is in a lock in a door with two other keys hanging on the key chain

A project of the QuadPara Association has been developing the Self Help house model. A Self Help house is managed, governed and run by the residents who live there and this model empowers our members to control their home environment.


The VoQoL system, developed and installed by Coral Tech. Using just their voice, the award winning VoQoL system provides Quadriplegic and Paraplegic individuals with the ability to control functions within their living environments including: room lights, tv's, fans, streaming music, radio stations, lamps, get info from the internet, get weather, get news, call for help. Because users of the VoQoL system no longer need to call for assistance for these fucntions it provides these individuals with a new level of independence and increased self esteem.

The VoQoL system, developed by CoralTech, uses voice activated technology to control a number of every day appliances including lights, TV’s, fans and more!

SABAT Batteries

A number of batteries are stacked in columns.

QAWC, empowered by QASA and SABAT Batteries, are delighted to offer Quadriplegics who utilise a power wheelchair one set of free batteries for their wheelchair every two years. This long standing partnership exists to ensure that thousands of quadriplegics across South Africa are kept mobile. Applicants must be QAWC members.

Contact us today to find out how to apply for your set of free batteries.

Rural Development

A man in a wheelchair and a dog are travelling down a road in a baron area

QAWC, empowered by QASA, coordinates the Rural Development Project which seeks to improve the accessibility of member’s homes in rural areas. Funding is available for members to improve the accessibility to their home. Members can apply for ramps, accessible bathrooms, uplifts and more. This support is subject to funds available. 

To find out if you are eligible for this support contact us today!

A person opens a magazine

Publications and Resources

QAWC, empowered by QASA, distribute a number of publications with important information on living with a spinal cord injury, supporting an individual with a spinal cord injury, providing disability awareness, articles on current events and more.