Medical Supplies

Two hands wearing gloves are holding a mask and pulling the ear loops outwards.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to vital supplies has become increasingly inconsistent.

As such, QAWC has the opportunity to distribute vital medical supplies to our members to ensure that all members have an adequate supply of these resources.

If you have too much of a medical supply, we encourage you to contact us to donate these and QAWC will re-home these to a member who has too few. 

Similarly if you have too few of a resource, please contact us to find out what supplies QAWC has available. NOTE: if you require the supply, QAWC may request you pay a nominal postage fee

See below an example of the supplies we are seeking are:

1. 750 mL urine drainage bags (leg bags)

2. 2 L urine drainage bags (bed bags)

3. Indwelling catheters (all sizes)

4. Intermittent catheters (all sizes)

5. Condom catheters (all sizes)

6. KY jelly

7. Linen savers

8. Suppositories (any-Dulcolax especially)

9. Soflax

10. Micropore

11. Elastoplast

12. Gauze