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A man sits in a wheelchair and is holding a range of medical supplies in his hands. He is sitting in front of a vehicle which reads QuadPara Association Western Cape.

Medical Supplies

In February QAWC started a new initiative aimed at assisting members who do not receive sufficient medical supplies from their day hospitals.  QAWC has observed that a number of our members do not receive the medical supplies that they desperately require from the day hospital while other members receive more than they require and have excess stock in their cupboards.  QAWC has put out a call to members who have excess medical supplies to donate them to QAWC so that we can redistribute them to those members who are in need.

Correspondence went out on social media as well as via e-mail and we received a good response from a number of members who have kindly donated excess supplies.  Edward, the QAWC driver, collected the supplies from members, delivering them to the QAWC office where they were sorted and stored.  Members in need of supplies were encouraged to make contact with our office, with those who expressed a need receiving some of the supplies that were in our store. This project has got off to an excellent start and we are pleased to have been able to offer assistance to members in real need of the supplies.  This is an ongoing project and we look forward to receiving your excess medical supplies should you have any. If you are in need of supplies such as bed bags, leg bags, KY Jelly, suppositories, catheters (indwelling, intermittent & condoms) or any other supplies please make contact with Esme on

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