Training and Advice

We offer a range of training and advice supports in our community. To find our more about any of the supports before, contact us today for more information.

Disability Sensitization Training

As an increasing number of members with mobility impairments seek employment, QAWC have identified the need to prepare employers, colleagues, managers and the workplace for the arrival of a person with a disability. QAWC offers Disability Sensitization Workshops to inform and educate the workforce about the correct etiquette for supporting individuals with disabilities.

Disability Access Advice

Accessibility is the practice of making your environment usable by as many people as possible. People living with disability may have different access requirements and often these requirements are not taken into account. When these requirements are not taken into account, people living with disability are excluded from these settings and unable to fully participate in the community.

Care Attendant Training

Quadriplegics have an impairment which limits the use of their hands, arms and legs, and Paraplegics have an impairment which limits the use of their legs.

These impairments result in the need for 24- hour specialised care by care attendants (either by family members or paid carers).

““When we design for disability, we all benefit”

— Elise Roy.