The voice activated quality of life or VoQoL system, developed by CoralTech, uses voice activated technology to control a number of every day appliances including lights, TV’s, fans and more! By using voice commands, Quadriplegics and Paraplegics are able to have increased independence in their living environment.

On the first slide, there is information about the VoQoL sytem. The VoQoL system, developed and installed by Coral Tech. Using just their voice, the award winning VoQoL system provides Quadriplegic and Paraplegic individuals with the ability to control functions within their living environments including: room lights, tv’s, fans, streaming music, radio stations, lamps, get info from the internet, get weather, get news, call for help. Because users of the VoQoL system no longer need to call for assistance for these fucntions it provides these individuals with a new level of independence and increased self esteem. On the second slide Coral Tech founder Cliff Court is a pictured with a wheelchair user who uses the VoQoL system. Cliff wears a mask.

The VoQoL set up is available to QAWC members for a set up fee.

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